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High Efficiency Furnace

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 8:55 PM
Is it time to upgrade your furnace? Did you know that we replaced a twenty year old furnace with a new 96 per cent efficiency furnace. The old furnace had to be condemned because the heat exchanger was bad. It was first noticed when there was a flame roll out and the flame was yellowish insted of solid blue.

A 96 per cent efficiency means that 96 cents of every dollar of energy gets used instead of sometimes as low as sixty cents. The unit used pvc for the exhaust vent!!! Water is a byproduct of combustion and hot exhaust usually makes it to evaporate outside. The exhaust on these units is so cool that the water condenses and must be drained off. We know how to install these and can put in the fanciest thermostat you have ever seen. Call set up and appointment today and be comfortable year round. Click here  

Categories: Installs