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Your Ductwork May Be Costing You Hundreds

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 10:13 AM
Large duct leaks like this waste energy, cause indoor air quality and comfort problems. Most electric power companies have energy efficiency programs to help eliminate this waste of energy. North Carolina's 2012 NC Building Code requires that all duct systems be sealed and pressure tested.
Researchers at the Florida Solar Energy Center found that sealing ductwork in existing homes cut cooling bills by about a third!
Sealing duct leaks with RCD Mastic saves energy.

From RCD Corporation, products available through BOJIFFY

This weekend we were asked to address the leakage in a homeowner's ductwork. What we found were several very large openings such as in the picture above. We sealed the gaps which were in the main supply and return ducts. My thought is that sometimes units are replaced in the hot summer in attics that are almost unbearable and the technicians are trying to get out before they pass out. This had not been our install and it seems the original guy was unavailable(last day of deer hunting maybe.
What a change in this homeowner's utility bill is coming up!!! We can seal your ducts!!! call 205-215-0553

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