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Energy Saving Tips and Financing Option

Posted on August 27, 2013 at 7:05 AM
Alabama Power is now working with BOJIFFY to help qualified clients finance certain energy upgrades and you can make your payments with your utllity bill. We will be happy to discuss how thiis arrangement might be of benefit to you.
There are some good videos abouit energy savings that will help you understand some of the energy saving ideas.Click or cut and paste the link below to learn more.

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Reply dmitri chavkerov
6:24 AM on August 29, 2014 
Your take on the subject is wonderful. I personally fully agree with your opinion. Hope to read more on this topic to increase my knowledge in this field.Thanks for sharing!!

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10:06 AM on March 25, 2015 
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Reply Commodity Market Tips
9:07 AM on July 11, 2015 
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10:50 AM on July 17, 2015 
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Reply Financial Analyst
5:38 AM on June 13, 2016 
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10:42 AM on June 27, 2016 
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11:38 AM on July 7, 2016 
I am also dealing in stock market and commodity market. I got many new points about energy and finance here. It will help me to invest in market.
Reply Free Commodity Tips
7:48 AM on October 10, 2016 
I must say very informative tips you shared for energy saving, I like the way you tied all the information about financing option. Looking forward for more post.
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7:51 AM on October 10, 2016 
Like the way you tied all the tips about saving energy and financing option, I agree with all the points mentioned here, really appreciate for this work.
Reply Residential Electricity Supplier Ohio
1:55 PM on August 14, 2018 
dmitri chavkerov says...
Your take on the subject is wonderful. I personally fully agree with your opinion. Hope to read more on this topic to increase my knowledge in this field.Thanks for sharing!!

Nice tips for saving energy. It must be beneficial for everyone. Thanks!!
Reply Residential Energy Company RiteRate Energy
12:18 PM on August 16, 2018 
Great ideas for energy savings. I appreciate your different ways of energy savings. It will very beneficial for everyone!! Thanks!!
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